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Concierge Brokerage General Agency & Insurance Marketing Organization

We work with a select group of registered investment advisors, insurance producers, and financial planning professionals to ensure we develop individual relationships with each advisor while strengthening our level of service.    

Why  Us?

Complex Case Design

Each client’s situation is unique.  Our case design team works with advisors to design and implement the best solution to fulfill clients’ unique needs. We know high net worth clients have special financial concerns, and we help you create bespoke solutions to address them.

Underwriting Support

Oak Tree Insurance Brokerage has the ability to target carrier underwriting niches to ensure impaired risk clients have the ability to get coverage. Difficult client case? We’ve got your back.

Premium Finance Solutions

We take the complexity out of premium finance life insurance cases.  Our experts work with you to customize collateral obligations, out-of-pocket contributions, interest payment duration, and loan repayment strategies—all of which are crucial to a leveraged premium finance design. 

Annuity Planning

Minimize RMD exposure, mitigate the Medicaid spenddown rule, and hedge against longevity risk using indexed, fixed, and guaranteed annuities.  We keep advisors up to date on annuity rates, industry trends, and the best way to implement annuities in clients’ financial plans.

Product Selection

We work with all top carriers, offering life, long term care, disability, and annuity products to provide a complete toolbox when creating financial solutions for your clients.

Marketing Support

We know it can be challenging to grow your business, so we provide fresh, innovative marketing ideas to use in your conversations with existing and potential clients. And we’re always here to answer your questions and provide one-on-one support.

Let Us Know What We Can Do For You

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